Meet The Gen Z Founders Of Plainsight: A Digital Media Company For Fashion Brands

by Freya Drohan

Plainsight, a recently-debuted digital media and creative content development agency, is here for all your brand needs—thanks to three young and enthusiastic founders. The venture is the brainchild of mid-20s creatives Charles Letessier, Pierre Letessier, and Ty Gaskins, who have combined experience in the realms of editorial, photography, PR, and other areas of the content creation space. The trio let The Daily in on what to expect from their new baby!

Congrats on launching Plainsight! What’s your elevator pitch for the new venture?
Ty Gaskins: Thank you so much! Plainsight is a digital media and creative content development agency dedicated to curating high-level content for contemporary luxury fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with a focus on alternative platforms. While we provide 360° services, we also offer targeted solutions to fulfill specific client needs, drawing from our full suite of creative branding and design services, photography, social media, influencer marketing, and our research and strategy team. We conceive and produce aspirational and inspirational stories with the highest standards of entertainment and that can be told across all platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and digital media.

Was it daunting starting something new during COVID? Or do you think this is the optimal time to launch the business?
Charles Letessier:
Pierre and I are brothers and we’ve worked on many projects together in the past. I’ve known Ty for the past couple of years and have worked on editorial and brand-focused projects together. Combining all our skill sets under one roof felt like a natural next step. We could have never anticipated how COVID was going to reshape the world around us, but it gave us the opportunity to focus on communication and services that are more strategic and thoughtful; balanced between authenticity and strategy and between heart and brain.

What gaps do you hope that Plainsight fills in the market?
Pierre Letessier:
As new and alternative platforms have been spawning increasingly faster, the way brands produce content and market themselves has also changed. Brands need to quickly adapt and continue to strive for relevancy while staying genuine and aligned with their messaging and offering. We focus on helping brands create an authentic and genuine brand presence with a focus on new and emerging “alternative” platforms.


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What kind of services does Plainsight offer? And who do you hope enlists these services?
Full suite creative branding, design services, photography, social media, and influencer marketing. Our services range from producing brand films, e-commerce shoots, copywriting, social media marketing, and influencer strategy to public relations and campaign ideation based on grassroots intelligence and transformational ideas emerging on the fringes of culture—all ready to be launched into the zeit. Our approach is utilizing “Smart Production” which maximizes content assets from each shoot for multi-channel reach.

Ty: We hope to enlist brands across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. When signing on clients we look for brands that have the same ethos that we represent as a company. Working with brands that have sustainable and eco conscious practices is important to us.

What are your hopes for the events/experiences arm of the business?
Ty: After this past year the word “events” sounds so distant to our current reality. Although I can’t wait for the day to come when we can produce in-person events and parties again. Our events side will focus on developing digital experiences. To be audience facing is so important for brands and it’s important to keep it creative and interesting. We hope to implement strategies that are aligned with brands to create an engaging and memorable experience. Whether that’s coming up with a digital way to present a new collection/product or hosting talks, lives, or tutorials.

Do you think it’s imperative that all brands should be on TikTok?
Ty: Newly-spawned platforms such as TikTok and Reels have vastly changed the way companies can market themselves. These fast-changing platforms have heightened the need for brands to quickly adapt and continue relevancy in new markets. The concept of “ad spend” and “cost per acquisition” is also slowly becoming outdated as these alternative platforms have the ability to generate millions of views thanks to user generated content.


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Ty, what are some of your career highlights so far?
Ty: Oh gosh, where do I begin! I would have to say working with emerging brands is at the forefront of my career highlights. Getting to work one-on-one with designers along every step of the way; from when the brand is first conceived is extremely rewarding and exciting.

How did you find yourself at PAPER when you were still in your late teens?
Ty: I moved to New York when I was 18-years-old for college, and right away I knew I wanted to get more involved in fashion beyond the classroom. I started out as an intern at PAPER and after seven months, my supervisor at the time, Kat Cooper (who is a dear friend to this day!) pulled me to the side and told me she was leaving and that she would like to put me up for her role. I was 19 at the time and of course I said yes immediately. It’s an opportunity that I am so thankful for and it was such an amazing first job and a pivotal point in molding me into who I am today.

What lessons from your editorial career will always stick with you?
Ty: The most valued lesson that will always be with me is the skill to put yourself in the mind of the consumer (the reader). Writing for different outlets from men’s grooming site, The Manual, to Harper’s Bazaar, I’ve learn to adapt my voice to my audience. This is also relevant on the brand side, because brands have their own voice and image. Adapting our voice to each client to create a targeted, individualized strategy is very important to us at PlainSight.

How do you think your age benefits you as a founder?
Ty: I wouldn’t say our age benefits us, but rather it gives us a different perspective on marketing and what targets the newest demographic of consumers. Being on the Millennial/Gen Z cusp, we have a unique approach by taking creative risk, but also have strategic planning.


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What are your three big hopes for 2021?
A big hope for 2021 is to expand PlainSight to an international market base. We hope to eventually have the company transatlantic, between New York and Paris, by late fall.

Pierre: With the pandemic giving rise to a new wave of entrepreneurs, my hope is for the momentum to continue and that people keep pushing to take that leap. Follow that dream you always had and fulfill your ambition!

Charles: I’m hopeful that 2021 will bring exciting new networks, challenges, and projects our way.

Broad question, but what are five concepts in fashion that are making you excited for the rest of the year?
Ty: I’m really excited to see designers take more of a forefront in brand messaging. I feel consumers are shopping brands they feel aligned with…not only in style, but in disposition. They want to know that the brands they are shopping and supporting are taking a veritable stance in important social issues. As for trends, I’m hopeful for the Roaring ’20s 2.0 era! After over a year of WFH and sweatpants I’m ready to see everyone dressed up again soon.

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