Hairstylist Loretta Wollner On The Best Looks for Fall

by The Daily Front Row

Celeb hairstylist Loretta Wollner has over 25 years experience in the beauty industry and this summer she took her considerable skills to the Hamptons to keep East Enders looking beautiful. Is she sticking around after Labor Day? We had to know! 

What were your services in the Hamptons this summer?
This summer I have been offering literally everything: keratins, color, haircuts, extensions, updo, and blowouts too but those are surprisingly the least booked service now

How much longer will you be Out East?
I’ll be working here through the new year given everyone is staying. I keep a place in New York City and will likely be between the two in the fall.

Who are some of your celeb clients?
I don’t kiss and tell! You can go to and see some I’ve worked with and also on my Instagram @loretta_wollner.

What hair looks do you suggest for the fall?
Funny, I think everyone has been going blonder and longer recently. I think in the fall we should do a little deeper color and maybe shorter length, people are having fun with their hair and I am going with it.

You’ve been doing hair outside. What’s that like for a hairstylist?  
I don’t mind being outside. I did get a few sunburns and bug bites and learned we need an umbrella for shade. Color can also process faster outside when it’s hot so I have to be mindful of that. Hair can also frizzes so not I’m doing as many blowouts outside

What new protocols do you have to follow for house calls?
I have to wear a mask at all times as do clients.  I’m sanitizing my hands and my tools multiple times a day.

 What self-care practices kept you sane during lockdown?
During the time I wasn’t working I was biking all over Manhattan with my dog. I also ordered some new products and mannequin heads to play with hair while I wasn’t able to see actual people. I ate super clean and tried to avoid the news as much as possible.

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