Meet Jules Rodriguez: The Latina Influencer You Should Know About

by Amir Bakian

Jules Rodriguez is a Latina influencer who consistently records successes at juggling multiple projects. As a woman of many talents, Jules’ work life consists of running her sustainable and eco-friendly marketplace From clothing and accessories to lifestyle and spirituality products, is your one-stop shop for eco-friendly everyday necessities.

An avid traveler, Jules also runs a travel blog where she chronicles her and her fiancée’s journey around the world through photos and videos. From the eco-friendly Green Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket, Thailand, to the magical natural wonder of Krka Waterfalls in Croatia, Jules shares the beauty of nature in different parts of the globe. Her most recent blog post clearly represents Jules’s magical and unforgettable trip to South Africa. Amongst this chronicle are tales of images Jules and her fiancée took with their friends of Everseen South Africa.

A woman of many talents isn’t a mere title; in addition to content creation and blogging, Jules is an expert real estate investor and interior designer. She enjoys transforming old, outdated places into chic modern luxury spaces using eco-friendly home décor pieces. Jules believes you can achieve the perfect style without compromising sustainability and, most importantly, make a home worth looking forward to at the end of a tiring day. “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love,” Jules shares one of her favorite quotes from American interior designer Nate Berkus.

Jules has built a loyal customer base by maintaining her style and uniqueness. With over 259K followers and counting on Instagram, it’s no wonder that quality, sustainable and eco-friendly brands are eager to collaborate with this entrepreneur extraordinaire. Like any endeavor worth its weight in value, Jules’s journey hasn’t been a walk in the park.

“Being an influencer and content creator is not an easy job,” she shares. “There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, and most importantly, you must be able to accept rejection and criticism easily.” She adds that operating in an e-commerce space is highly competitive, as one has to constantly be on her toes, maintain creativity and keep innovating to stay ahead of the curve. Jules also reiterates the need for in-depth research into your market segment and going above and beyond to ensure you are not just different on paper.

In her case, starting an eco-friendly brand was not a fluke. With the rise of Amazon, she saw a lack of a marketplace that sold only eco-friendly, sustainable products. Despite seeing a rewarding space she could take advantage of, she was patient enough to do her due diligence. She went as far as obtaining a media degree and putting in years of work in the corporate America sector to gain practical skills before launching her marketplace. Afterward, she spent time identifying like-minded brands and convincing people to switch to an all-sustainable marketplace. is currently one of the leading eco-friendly brands that are fast changing the face of the industry. So far, it has expanded its reach to Germany, Australia, the UK, and France. Jules’ goal is to scale further, launch more branded products and expand to more countries internationally. She’s also planning to launch eco-friendly short vacation rentals and expand her interior designing career in the future.

Jules shares two-fold advice to aspiring content creators and entrepreneurs. “Do your research,” she says. “And if you really want this life, you have to be ready to work for it.”

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