Meet GIAPENTA, the Company Behind Your New Favorite Bra

by The Daily Front Row

For those of us with boobs, bra shopping falls somewhere between tedious and flat-out disappointing. Since the days of our first training bras we had to deal with uncomfortable, ill-fitting bras that dig into our skin and slip off our shoulders. Meet the internet’s new favorite bra brand on a mission to create solution-based products for the modern woman. GIAPENTA, the world’s first science-backed intimates brand, set out to design the perfect bra to address some of the most common challenges women face with their intimates.  The designers at GIAPENTA knew that the best way to redesign a bra wasn’t by starting from the ground up, but by improving what came before. So they went to the source and polled thousands of women, asking, “How can we make a better bra?” Armed with direct feedback and pain points from real women, GIAPENTA began to re-think bra design and construction completely. I decided to take a look at their London X Back Bra to see just how revolutionary these changes were. Here’s what I found.

No more slipping shoulder straps.
One of the biggest complaints from bra-wearers was that their bra straps would either slip or be fitted so tightly that they would dig into their shoulder, leaving marks. GIAPENTA heard, and delivered. Their best-selling London X Back Bra includes a patented, innovative X Back design that keeps shoulder straps secure and in place, without digging deeply into skin.


Science-backed fabric that adapts to your temperature – no more boob sweat!
When sourcing the perfect fabric for their bras, GIAPENTA knew the solution was not just about finding a buttery soft texture, but in actually solving another pain point for bra wearers: temperature regulation. The result: an exclusive TempPro® tech fabric that adapts to your body temperature. Now, you may be thinking this is just another “moisture wicking” material, but GIAPENTA’s TempPro® fabric is unlike anything available on the market. This science-backed smart fabric keeps body temperature at the ideal level all day, by drawing heat away from the body when you are hot and then releasing heat back to you when you get cold. That’s right, you’ll be saying ciao to chilly chest (a common issue for those of us with implants) and buh-bye to boob sweat! And just in case you’re wondering: no, the technology doesn’t ever wash out of the fabric.

Designed for efficiency and comfort, from the inside out.
The best bra keeps getting better. In addition to proprietary temperature balancing technology as well as their patented X back design that ensures slip proof straps and a perfect band fit, GIAPENTA’s London X Back Bra also includes memory foam cups, a buttery-soft jersey lining, and a highly requested no-reach front closure.  After learning about GIAPENTA’s crowdsourced approach to bra design, I interviewed founder Kris Strouthopoulos to learn more. “We believe sexiness comes from within. What you wear should only enhance what you have going on. Your intimates should be about feeling comfortable in your own skin, every day. Comfort leads to natural confidence. That’s why we started with real women, to learn what features they wanted in an ideal bra.” Finally, my own bra arrived in the mail. I was initially wary of buying online after so many negative experiences shopping for bras in person, but I was shocked. I’ll be honest.. I didn’t know a bra could feel so good! GIAPENTA’s best-selling London X Back Bra starts at $68.


The initial comfort of lingerie is great, but what about the everyday functionality? Founder Kris shared some of her favorite feedback: “I recently talked with a med student who was referred to our company through the doctors she works with. As they are in surgery for 8-10 hours at a time, they told her she had to go out and get a GIAPENTA bra which was by far the best bra they had found for all day comfort and would also keep her cool and collected during procedures. I could not think of a better, more genuine testimonial and was so touched to hear her story. Making intimates for women, by women, that are functional, beautiful and insanely comfortable is at the center of what we do. To hear such incredible feedback from doctors and professional women about our products was truly a full circle moment.” GIAPENTA has forever changed the way I will shop for and wear bras.  This wildly comfortable and game-changing new lounge collection, along with the brand’s sweat-free smart bras and intimates, are all available to shop now at To learn more about GIAPENTA, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.

Written by: Magdalena Munao
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