Meet Dimetri Hogan: The Creative Director That Can’t Be Contained

by The Daily Front Row
Dimetri Hogan is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong creative making waves in the digital advertising space. Over the last few years, the 28-year-old has solidified his status as a prominent Fashion and Art Tastemaker in New York City and Los Angeles. Now, Hogan plans to shake up the digital advertising space by officially accepting the role as the Vice President of T1 Advertising.

Dimetri Hogan (Nick Tsiro)

Beyond his experience as a tastemaker in the two most cultural US cities, Hogan has been looking to make an impact abroad with Asia, South America and Australia on his radar for expansion. His work in NYC and LA with various established institutions as well as with smaller, more intimate projects, puts Hogan in a unique position to voice various perspectives and to provide value at all stages of the client’s brand development, making him perfect for the VP role at T1 Advertising.

Dimetri Hogan (Nick Tsiro)

As Vice President for T1, Hogan will be spearheading new creative advertising opportunities for one of the fastest-growing digital advertising companies in the space. This strategic partnership will create more opportunities for clients, a greater market share for T1, as well as make competitors evaluate their own company approach towards the digital market.
Hogan is excited to take on this opportunity at such an important time in history. With the world changing so quickly due to the pandemic, global protests, and an upcoming election, Hogan’s steady hand and experience will not only help T1’s clients craft their perfect message for this moment, but it will also help T1’s clients get ahead of new opportunities and navigate rapid changes to the industry. By Jordan Finkle
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