The Daily Media: 16 Moves to Know From Hearst, Ted Baker, and More

by Eddie Roche

Here’s the breakdown of this week’s hires and departures-

1. Julee Wilson is now beauty director at Cosmopolitan 

2/3. Lauren Balsamo and Chloe Metzger have been promoted to deputy beauty directors at Cosmopolitan.

4. Rachel Osborne is now chief executive at Ted Baker.

5. Jodie Comer is now global brand ambassador at Noble Panacea.

6. Kendall Sargeant is now senior director communications at Thrive Market.

7.  Laurent Vacherot is stepping down as chief executive officer of Essilor to retire.

8. Paul du Saillant is now chief executive officer at Essilor.

9. Amanda MacNeil has left Bollare.

10. Sola Lawal has left RBBR.

11. Jesse Smiley has left PR Consulting.

12. Tina Sharkey has been named a board member of PBS.

13. Laura Lajiness is now freelance at POPSUGAR. 

14. Brendan McEntee has left Sara Byworth.

15. Kathereine Deck is now account coordinator at Cate Charney PR


16. MMPR is now representing Grey State Apparel.

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