Maye Musk Gets Behind A New Nutrient To Combat Aging

by Eddie Roche
Maye Musk

What is model Maye Musk doing to take care of herself? “I maintain my weight, which is really hard,” she told journalists last week at The Times Square EDITION hotel. “I eat the basics, [maintain a] flexetarian diet, which I wrote about in my book, A Woman Makes a Plan.  I’m vegetarian at home and meat shall be taken when I go out.  It takes a lot of willpower! You bring me a box of chocolates, I give it away. There’s no point in me opening a box. I will devour it and go into a food coma! ”

Musk, who currently appears in UGGS fall campaign, is also getting behind a new nutrient called Timeline, which she added to her routine four months ago. She started mixing their Mitopure powder into her yogurt every morning or taking the soft-gel pills when traveling. Keep in mind this isn’t just another model standing behind a product. The 73-year-old is a registered dietitian nutritionist with two master’s degrees.

Timeline is over ten years in the making with scientists in Switzerland on a quest to uncover a natural active nutrient to optimize cellular health and combat aging. The research found a potent nutrient derived from pomegrantes activates an essential cellular rejuvenation process. Timeline invented a highly pure form of Urolithin A called Mitopure. The benefits include 6X more Urolithin A compared to diet alone, improvement in mitochondiral function, muscle strength, and endurance.

“The research work is there,” Musk says. “They worked hard at it. It’s backed by over 10 years of research, multiple clinical studies which show that it works.”  [The product is supported by a favorable US FDA review.]

Maye Musk (Courtesy)What’s her best piece of advice for those weary of aging? “Don’t be weary!” she advises. “Look after yourself and be happy and don’t complain about it!” Noted!

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