Maybelline’s Moment, With David Greenberg

by Alexandra Ilyashov

On the eve of its 100th Anniversary, Maybelline New York is supporting the fashion world like never before. From The Daily’s Fashion Media Awards, to the shows at MADE, to its long-standing partnership with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, MNY is everywhere. Here, president David Greenberg discusses the strategy that so successfully connects beauty and fashion.

How has Maybelline’s involvement in NYFW contributed to the success of the brand?
Maybelline New York has always taken inspiration from fashion and translated trends from the runway to our cosmetics collections. Even more so, the creativity of the fashion world is a powerful elixir to encourage us to be brave and invent new things. Exciting customers is the same in fashion and beauty. It just feels great.

What inspired the decision to collaborate with MADE in addition to the sponsorship of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week?
Our commitment to artistic creativity grows stronger with each season. We see the landscape of fashion changing and we need to move with it, finding new and interesting ways to support our trend platform and the artistic communities that contribute to it. Partnering with MADE Fashion Week allows us to tap into a new generation of talent. With MADE, we’re working with brands like Public School, Zana Bayne, Chris Gelinas, and Jonathan Simkhai…just to name a few. It’s an exciting time.

What does Maybelline stand for in today’s beauty landscape?
Maybelline New York is a New York–inspired makeup brand with a fashion edge that empowers women to make their mark. By combining technologically advanced formulations and on-trend shades, we offer innovative, accessible, and effortless cosmetics for every woman to define her own beauty. Think of the incredible energy you feel during Fashion Week, in the heart of the city Maybelline calls home. Our goal is to insert that energy and excitement into everything we do and encourage women to do the same.

What has been the most rewarding part of Maybelline’s involvement in NYFW for you, personally?
Definitely our involvement and collaboration with the fashion designers in the creation of the runway looks. This has inspired us to develop products that really excite our consumers. The most recent example is The Nudes palette, which was created based on the top eye shadow shades our makeup artists use backstage. We were able to create a palette of 12 nude shades, curated by top Maybelline New York artists, and it’s now available to women everywhere. It’s great to see things come full circle in that way.

In what new ways are you working with designers this season?
Through our new partnership with MADE, we’ve greatly increased our support of emerging designers. We’re also working with MADE to introduce the MADE for Maybelline Film Project, which enlists the vision of eight vanguard filmmakers who will use mixed-media techniques to create an experimental 30-second video inspired by Maybelline’s backstage makeup trends.

What makes a designer a good partner with Maybelline?
We work with a range of well-established as well as up-and-coming designers. We hope to build long-term, meaningful partnerships. We’ve worked with brands like DKNY, Suno, Marissa Webb, and Wes Gordon for several seasons now. We’re excited to announce new partnerships this season, including Opening Ceremony and Peter Som. Maybelline is supporting more than 25 designers this season and in some way, each brand we work with shares the spirit of Maybelline New York. Think confidence, edge, beauty, creativity, style, individuality.

What makes a model or celebrity an effective face of the brand?
Our diverse group of spokesmodels come from all over the world—representing the positive spirit, cosmopolitan energy, and stylish edge of the Maybelline brand. They are all gorgeous, yet relatable. “Born With It,” as some might say.

L’Oréal is moving its American headquarters to Hudson Yards. How will this affect your commute?
It will be a bit longer, but I am excited to be in the center of a new development in Manhattan, pioneers, but with state-of-the-art buildings and amazing architecture—and to sit right above the High Line.

And what excites you about the new neighborhood?
Hudson Yards will be a central hub for restaurants, shops, cafés, galleries, parks, and open spaces, such as the High Line and Hudson River Park. There’s no shortage of things to be excited about.

Because we’re celebrating all things happy this season, what is the easiest way to make you happy?
A night out in New York City is the antidote to a tough day, and thanks to Fashion Week, there are a few of those happening right now!

What are your secrets to long-term happiness?
I am lucky to be doing something I love, and to have wonderful friends and family. As for the long term, I will let you know when I get there.

How did you spend your summer?
Some time in the Hamptons and no major trips. Last year, we spent a week in Ibiza. I think I am still recovering.

What are your favorite extracurricular activities these days?
I’m a serial shopper, for almost anything. I love to look, even if I don’t buy. Los Angeles is rivaling New York these days as the coolest place to shop for fashion and beauty.

After many years of sponsoring so much talent at Fashion Week, how have your impressions of the fashion industry changed?
First and foremost, I have seen firsthand that fashion is a truly creative industry where the vision of one talented designer can have a huge impact on culture, and that designers take risks, which makes their jobs remarkably exhilarating. Beauty is not that different. At least two seasons a year you put yourself out there for others to judge. We only hope we made the right choices.

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