Marcell Von Berlin Makes Impressive Runway Debut In Los Angeles

by Eddie Roche
Marcell Von Berlin

Last week, in between New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, LA-based brand Marcell Von Berlin put on their first runway show at the swanky residence of James Goldstein in Beverly Hills. The seemingly no-expense-spared show was the perfect setting for the ‘bigger is better’ collection; a true homage to the ’80s! Front rowers included Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Yung Miami, Niecy Nash, 24kGoldn, Ricky Thompson, and Garrett Clayton, who were treated to a performance by Tommy Genesis. Backstage before the show, designer Marcell Pustul (a real charmer!) told us about the looks, what you can expect from his buzzy brand, and how he was able to stay so calm on show day.

Tell us about the collection!
The collection is a lot about shape, silhouettes, and volume. I was inspired by one of the most eclectic decades in fashion, [the ’80s]. From shoulder pads to power suits, puffy sleeves, and high-waisted jeans—all my old favorites are back again! We’re seeing a lot of colors in the collection and a lot of glam. It’s a mix between Berlin and Los Angeles, and what would happen if you put L.A. with Berlin?

Did you ever think you’d be doing a show like this in Los Angeles?
No! Never! I didn’t think I was ever going to do a show. I respect the work that goes behind it. Maybe I thought I wasn’t ready yet, but right now I’m ready and super excited. I thought I would be stressed and have a lot of anxiety because there is so much to do, but the team working on this is so amazing that I’m not at all stressed. As long as everything fits, it’s all good! I want people to see how much hard work I’ve put into making this happen.

I’ve never met a designer as calm as you before their show.
If you get nervous, the whole team gets nervous. We have been working for six months to create the product. We have amazing models and a beautiful venue. I have no reason to be stressed.

Why did you want to finally show in-person?
I feel like my people—my fans—are ready for this. People have been asking for it. I’ve done this for years and I wanted to finally show people a way to enter the world of Marcell von Berlin. Orange is the main color of all my main colors. I want to create something that people don’t forget. It’s exciting for me. I hope that people love it, so we can make the next one.

What is it about orange that you are so drawn to?
It’s confident and has so much power. We always put the color in the collection.

How do you describe your brand to people?
I want people to feel that we are having fun with fashion. That’s the most important thing! I also want people who are my clients or fans to feel that they are visible, and that they feel self confident. The brand is cozy and comfortable, but at the same time very edgy and unique. A lot of  pieces are things you’ve never seen before in your life! I always want to be timeless.

Why did you want Slick Woods in the show?
One of my friends is working for her and when she came to my office, I fell in love with her. She’s cool, she’s crazy, she’s young, she’s wild. I feel like she’s a girl who represents the Berlin side of our brand.

See the full collection below:


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