How To Get Marc Jacobs’ Look For Less! A Stylist Breaks Down His Insta Classics

by Eddie Roche

Marc Jacobs has been serving us fierce looks on Instagram over the past few months, and we’ve been here for every minute of it. But not everyone has a closet full of Prada, Harry Winston, and Hermes (boo!), so we got in touch with stylist Madison Guest to break down some of our favorite ensembles. Here, she tells us how you can get his look FOR LESS! Take it away, Madison…

Look One

I call this look “Grey Gardens spills the tea,” but Marc nailed it with the #GayGardens. Even though this look is entirely grey, which is normally thought of as a drab color, because it’s monochromatic it still feels like a major statement. The pop of lilac is also a fun addition.


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Ready to DIY? This H&M coat, $79.99, has a similar boxy silhouette as Marc’s.

While I love a lycra thigh high boot, I’m not sure it’s the most practical choice for the majority of people. So I found this knee-high leather version, $69.99, and when paired with this skirt in the same colored leather, $29.99, it gives off a similar vibe to Marc’s.


Then, this Nasty Gal mini bag, $12.80, adds that fun flash of lilac, and you can’t forget your COVID-friendly accessories: face shield, $7.50, gloves, $7.99, and headscarf, $3.45.

Look two

This outfit totally gives me “Upper East Side mom, shopping for her daughter’s Sweet 16 look” vibes.


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I love the Artizia version, , $348, of Marc’s chic brown coat. Brown is the new black!

The orange stockings, $10.95, add a quirky touch, a signature of Marc Jacobs! Pro tip: wear a pair of sheer nude stockings under your fishnets so your skin doesn’t bulge through the holes and make you look like a stuffed sausage. Quelle horreur!


The gloves, $8.99, and the mules, $95, are the perfect touch, but the real star of the show here is this gorgeous Zara blue velvet mini, $39.90. It adds a little rocker girl vibe to this look, and will take you all the way though winter (especially if you buy the matching blazer).

Look three

This look feels like if Princess Diana was a young woman in 2020. What makes this look fun is the juxtaposition of the athleisure top and cap, with the tailored shorts and the fishnets and heels. By keeping it all black, it brings it all together and makes it work.


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This Lululemon quarter zip, $118, is interesting enough to have a street style, but also feels like your classic slouchy hoodie.

Pair it with a basic pair of black tailored shorts, $24.99, diamond fishnets, $32.00, and pointy toe pumps, $195, to get Marc’s look.

Amazingly, the actual hat he wears here is only $30!

And finish the look with a classic strand of pearls, $28.95, and some black leather gloves, $99.


Want to take these Marc Jacobs looks up to 11? Four words: smokey purple hair dye. It’ll be the perfect conversation starter on all your holiday Zooms!


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If even semi-permanent dye feels like too big of a commitment, there are plenty of wigs to get the look.

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