Marc Jacobs Gets The Best Job In The World

by The Daily Front Row

Time to step aside, Jean Paul Gaultier! In “best news ever” news, Marc Jacobs has been announced as the new creative director for Diet Coke (!!!!!!!), and will be designing cans and bottles set to come out in Europe next month. Muscle Man Marc also appears shirtless and ripped in new ads for them. “I still think it’s hysterical people want me to take my shirt off. You know, I’m going to be 50 in two months, so I guess I should be glad,” he tells WWD. “It feels like the decade of me taking my shirt off.” Right? MJ is a confessed two-to-three-cans-per-day Diet Coke drinker. (Confession: There are cans of Diet Coke everywhere at Daily HQ.)

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