Marc Jacobs Gets Dishy With Mickey Boardman: 8 Intriguing Morsels

by Alexandra Ilyashov

MARC JACOBS Spring 2015 Show

What happens when Marc Jacobs does lunch with Paper‘s Mickey Boardman at Sant Ambroeus in the West Village? Some very candid chatter. A few choice nuggets from the delightful Q&A, right this way…

On how he really feels about Vuitton these days: I had a hard time looking at it at first. I think I got pretty down and depressed, but I love what Nicolas [Ghesquière] does. I really admire him and I have really great respect for him.”

On porn stars: “Sexy people are great. People who love sex are great. I guess I’ve met a few. I’ve dated one. Or two… I don’t know. Porn is really exciting and sexy. It’s funny — I’ve never actively sought a porn star, but I must attract them in some way!”

On whether he’s a control freak: I wouldn’t define myself that way. Maybe other people would.”

On why he went from notoriously late runway shows to ultra-punctual showings: I feel like the lateness caused a lot of critics to look at the work differently. If they are tired, if it’s the last show of the week, if it’s late, if it’s raining… you’ve got five strikes against you already.”

On his app activities: “I went on Grindr a couple of times. Well actually, with Harry [Louis] he was like, ‘Let’s do a profile on Grindr.’ And I did, and I met a couple people.”

On whether he showed his face on Grindr: “I think so…Why not! I don’t have any hang-ups about those kinds of things. I don’t really care. Who’s kidding who? I’ve talked about having hair transplants, I’ve talked about my drug problems, I’ve talked about my drinking problems, I’ve talked about sex. I just think it’s so much better to sort of be honest about those things.”

On his worst habit: “Chain smoking”

On the historical figure he most identifies with: “Bob Fosse. I identify with everything about him.”

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