Marc-iest Marc! Duffy Unveils Big Plans for Jacobs and Vuitton

by Daniel Chivu

(NEW YORK) At last, at last! Robert Duffy has confirmed the good (no, great) news for Marc-iphiles about town: Marc Jacobs will, in fact, open up a collection boutique at 909 Madison Avenue  (at 73rd Street). The lawyers are currently haggling over asbestos cleanup, but Duffy, who has been eyeing the space for four years, remains confident that all systems are go. “Once I find a space, I never give up on the space,” he said.

Meanwhile, Duffy and Jacobs are busy negotiating the renewal of their contracts at Louis Vuitton, and he expects those talks to proceed smoothly. Following the Fall 2010 launch of Marc Jacobs’ ecommerce site, designed by CREATETHEGROUP, Duffy has further plans for expansion, including the desire to open a third Bookmarc location in Washington (following the existing outposts in New York and Los Angeles). In fact, he expressed a desire to move into…publishing. “Fashion isn’t just about clothes and handbags,” he said. Expect a bookstore/clothing boutique in Hong Kong to follow.




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