Man on the Street: Central Park Edition

by Eddie Roche

The East End is the center of our universe, but that’s not the case for everyone. We hit Sheep Meadow in Central Park for the Everyman perspective on the Hamptons.

Ashley Helmke22, actress/model

Where are you summering this season? This is it!
Did you take the Jitney here? I took the subway. I live on the Lower East Side.
How much would you spend on a summer rental? If I was splitting it with friends, like $100 a night.
What happens in the Hamptons? Party! Party! Party!
What was your most expensive summer vacation ever? Last year, I went to Aruba for a destination wedding that cost me over $1,000…and they put me up! It was my first time out of the country.
Where is Amagansett? Somewhere near Dubai.
What is Flywheel? Something that catches flies.
What does “27” mean to you? The end of your golden decade.

Kriya Carbonelle, 32, sales/events

Where are you summering this season? In Los Angeles.
You don’t sound so excited! I’m not. I’m also going to Vegas to see my sister.
How much would you spend on a summer rental? Maybe $1,500 or $2,000.
Where are the Hamptons? I’ve never really paid attention. Upstate, I think. When I’ve gone, my friends just take me and I ride in the car.
Where is Amagansett? In Europe.
What happens at Surf Lodge? Surfing.
What is The Golden Pear? A nickname for a European city, but I can’t place which one. Or is that the nickname for Boston? I’ll have to Google this.

Romero Iglesias27, retired investment banker/student

Where are you summering this season? I’m going to Israel for a course for Columbia Business School.
What’s the most expensive vacation you’ve ever gone on? I went to Vegas for a weekend and spent about $5,000 on the room, alcohol, and partying.
I didn’t gamble. It was my first bonus, so I wanted to celebrate with my friends.
What does “27” mean to you?
My age.
What is Flywheel?
A mechanical part.
What is The Golden Pear? A pair of cuff links.

Emily Clifford, 22, recent graduate/current bartender

Where are you summering this season? Probably with my parents in Tampa, Florida. Spain is my next vacation, but I’ll have to look at flights. I went to London for spring break for $400.
Nice! How much would you spend on a summer rental? Not more than $700.
Have you ever been to the Hamptons? No. It sounds very clean with pretty people and nice clothing. It seems like the place where everyone in the community knows each other,
in a good way and a bad way.
What does “27” mean to you? That I’ll have my life together by then.
Where is Amagansett? Somewhere in the Middle East.
What is The Golden Pear? An award given at the end of each beach season.

Angel Platt, 19, student/waitress

What brings you to the city? I’m here for summer school at Fordham Lincoln Center, but I go home to Southampton on the weekends.
What do Sheep Meadow and Southampton have in common? Naked people and a beachy vibe!
What do you miss about the Hamptons when you are in Manhattan? All my friends! I also miss the free food, because I live at home.
Thoughts on Quogue? The bagels suck.
What does “27” mean to you? Too much traffic! For sure.

Petr Nekoranec25, opera singer

We’re finding so much talent on one lawn! I work at Lincoln Center, so this is a nice place to come and chill.
Where are you summering this season? I normally go to the South of France or Spain, but my singing teacher is in Venice, so I’ll be spending a lot of time there, half working and half vacationing.
How many weekends will you be out East this year? I’ve never been to the Hamptons. I was supposed to go recently, but as I was on my way in an Uber, I got a call from the Met asking if I could sing a big concert in Central Park so I had to come back.
What does “27” mean to you? A party and no worries!
What is Flywheel? A bar with unlimited alcohol.

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Photography by Caroline Fiss

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