Man On The Street, Hollywood Edition: Take I

by The Daily Front Row

We’re beyond ecstatic to meet new friends in Hollywood. But how fashion-savvy are they? We put some friendly people to the test on the crowded sidewalks of L.A…

Martin, 30, Banker, London, England
Are you sure you’re not Ryan Gosling?
I get that a little.

Will you sign any autographs if you’re asked?
That’s pushing it a bit.

How would you describe your style?
Today I look a bit scruffy. I’ve got my good trainers on.

What do you think of the style in L.A.?
It’s lively. It’s a mixture of people who look a bit like I’m dressed today. There aren’t as many dressed up people as I thought there would be. I’ve noticed a lot of tattoos going around.

What is Band of Outsiders?
A group of people from out of town.

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