Superstylist Maeve Reilly Loves Comfy Clothes—Here’s How She Makes An Outfit Paparazzi Worthy

by Freya Drohan

These days, who isn’t obsessed with Hailey Bieber’s viral street style looks? Well now, thanks to Zappos and Buywith, you can actually go shopping with her influential stylist, Maeve Reilly—virtually, at least. Reilly, whose own insouciantly cool fashion sense has amassed her half a million followers on Instagram, is hosting a live shopping event with Zappos powered by Buywith on Thursday Dec 17, during which she’ll talk through her top picks and gift ideas. Hint: must-have sneakers, slides, and sweats. She’ll also share her insider tips and tricks (pens and paper at the ready, people!) for those who want to channel Bieber’s now-famous aesthetic. With wfh fashion the norm now, we caught up with the stylist to get the lowdown on dressing like an off-duty star. 

What casual trends came to the fore this year?
This year has been all about comfort and feeling cool and effortless. Most people are working from home or from limited office space, so there’s no need to dress up. I put on jeans the other day and was thinking, ‘What am I doing?’ I’ve always been into cool sweatpants so I’m glad this year has made them acceptable moving forward! I do miss my other clothes though, I can’t wait to wear them again soon.

You’re known for making comfort look really cool, what’s your approach? 
What I like to do—and I’ve done this for a long time—is to put a dressy coat and a really clean pair of sneakers with a sweatsuit. Same with Hailey, we both love to layer. I’m sure you can find a million photos of her in this look as it’s a staple for us. I think it’s really cool and unique to the times.


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I’m taking notes! So then do you follow the opposite approach when you’ve got a dressier bottom half? 
For a more dressy look, like jeans, I’ll do them with a sneaker and a little top and a cool jacket. I’m a big jacket person! Shoes are my thing too. That’s the easiest way to change up a look.

Have you noticed particular wfh style trends in LA that those of us on the East Coast should pay attention to?
I haven’t been to New York in a year, but the one thing I think is super cool and was surprised to see this year is loafers with white socks. As a former Catholic school girl, I think it’s hilarious! I never thought in a million years that it would come back and look cool. But it looks great with jean shorts, and again it goes back to the comfort of this year—there’s no reason to wear heels anymore. I’ve seen younger girls embrace this loafer trend and Hailey has done it a couple of times.


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What’s your own fail-safe off duty rotation?
With me, it’s always a sweat suit, jacket, socks, and sneakers. I love Air Force Ones and Jordan high tops: I have a mix of them. I love a matching sweatsuit; I will never mismatch a sweatsuit—unless it’s with jeans—so that’s what you’ll see me in all the time. Forever! Corona or not! In New York, I’ll dress up a little bit more—Hailey and I are the same way. The energy of the city makes me want to put on an outfit so I always dress up more there. L.A. is so casual and easy going, I usually only put together an outfit at night…and there’s no reason to do that anymore.

Do you miss getting more dressed up? 
I definitely miss my heels! I visit them in my closet to let them know I’m still around! Typically at night, I like to dress up  in jeans, a heel, and either a cool jacket or a dressier jacket. I love a button-down shirt with no bra—it’s an easy, sexy, and effortless way to do French girl style. I invested in a couple of Bottega shirts right before lockdown and that was my plan. Also I love a  lot of Saint Laurent ones; they’re so wearable and they’re easy to elevate.

What should everyone invest in right now to be comfy yet stylish?
I think a coat really can elevate a look and take you from day to night. It’s a great investment, as long as it’s not too trendy. A beautiful camel coat can take you a long way. Isabel Marant does some great plaid too, as does Zara and H+M. They’ve replicated all the trends.  Cool oversized pieces are also good to have. In terms of emerging designers, I love The Frankie Shop.


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You and Hailey always do a great mix of high and low.
Yeah she just did a sweatsuit from The Frankie Shop with a Bottega Veneta vest and bag. I think we try really hard to mix and make things attainable for people; especially with her fan base being younger. We love Aritzia, Zara, Reformation…I mean, it’s real life! We’ll run into Urban Outfitters and grab a bunch of basics. It’s important to have them in your closet. Zappos has such a wide variety too so it is easy to mix high and low. T by Alex Wang is also great and we love love love Brandy Melville.

Are you still going to get dressed up for the holiday season?
I think it’s toned down a bit. The idea of putting a dressy outfit on was not appealing this year; there was nowhere to go to wear it so it’s a little harder to be motivated. We love trousers, they can look really cool with flats or sneakers. I’d wear them with a long sleeve tight top or a crop top, depending on where you are. I think there’s ways to be a little dressier but still comfortable, so that’s what I’d wear to a family dinner; it’s kinda perfect!

Tell us about the virtual shopping event that’s happening tomorrow.
With this livestream shopping event on Zappos, I’ll share items on my want list and be available to answer questions—it’s an interactive experience. The Buywith platform gives me the opportunity to connect with my followers in a new way. This year has been a lot about that; being able to take the time to do so and guiding people. It means a lot to me that people look up to me and value my opinion, so I want to be a service in any way I can be and I’m super excited to interact more with them. It’s happening at 4PM PST/7PM EST  and people can sign up here.

What do you like about shopping virtually?
For a period of time, obviously going into stores wasn’t an option, so I was working only online. As a stylist, I need to really get a sense of a piece of clothing, and I do that by seeing it and touching it and checking the fit. I do prefer to see things in real life but God bless the internet. It’s safe shopping online and it kept a lot of businesses afloat. We’ve done a tonne virtually this year: people are trying stuff on on FaceTime. You just gotta roll with it. I’m very grateful for technology.


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Speaking of technology, did you miss physically attending fashion week in real life this year?
I really enjoy going to Paris. Hailey and I enjoy going together, and it was the last trip we took before lockdown. But we’ll be there when it’s safe to resume. I’m really impressed with brands figuring out interesting ways to show their clothes this year. Like Saint Laurent’s presentation [yesterday]; they shot it safely and socially distanced, and it was so beautiful! Even Balenciaga and the VR goggles…brands are coming up with incredible and unique ways to show. That’s what I love about fashion!

Do you discover a lot of brands online too?
Instagram is a great tool and resource. Either brands will reach out and I try and go through my DMs and see who’s in there! I try to pay attention to what other people are doing too. If someone tags a brand I’ve never heard of, I’ll explore that. Instagram is an incredible tool to launch your own thing.

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