How Stylist Maeve Reilly Is Creating Those Major Fashion Moments for Megan Fox

by Eddie Roche

Stylist Maeve Reilly has done it again! After creating some of Hailey Bieber’s most unforgettable looks, she’s now working her magic on Megan Fox. Together they’ve created some of the most memorable red carpet look of the year and were recently dubbed by Vogue as entering Fox’s “fashion girl phase.”  Reilly, the recent winner of The Daily’s Fashion Los Angeles Style Curator award, tells us how she got started, what she still wants to do, and how she and Fox started working together.

You went to FIT in New York How was your time there?
Truthfully I went to school to appease my parents who strongly believed in college. I am grateful I went and enjoyed my experience, but I think the majority of what I have learned has been from being on set, and living through real life experiences in the industry.

How did you realize you could be a stylist?
One of my first jobs was in retail at Bloomingdale’s when I was 18. All I knew is that I was obsessed with fashion. I went to FIT and took these high school classes that they offered on Saturdays and throughout the summer. After I got fully accepted to FIT and entered with a business degree. At the time my dad was producing a TV show for the Hallmark Channel. He kindly asked the stylist if she would give me an internship and she kept me on for two years. Ever since that very first day on set, I knew I wanted to be a stylist.

Maeve Reilly

What was your big moment in styling on your own after assisting?
I would say my first big moment was definitely with Janelle Monáe  in 2017 for the Oscars.

What did you learn about fashion from Janelle?
I don’t think I would be the stylist I am today without that experience. She and her team pushed me so hard in the best way on every single job, it was perfect.  I think that’s why we were so successful together. We worked really well as a team. I learned the dynamics of working with a team, respecting opinions, and eventually getting to the final look and it being so perfect that it always won. I was pushed to be the most creative version of myself, to reinvent the same thing color wise was not easy and we did it.

Do you read the best and worst dressed lists?

How do you feel if you get a bad review?
Fashion is subjective. What someone likes versus another is a matter of opinion. At the end of the day, if my client is happy and if they have represented themselves the way that they want to, then my job was done properly.  I will stand behind the look completely.



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How do you stay so positive?
After going through dark times and doing the inner work, I understand that the more positivity and love I put into the world the more I get back. That is the idea that my brand, The Local Love Club, was built and created from.

What would you like to do professionally and personally?
I feel like there is still so much I want to do as a stylist and so many different people I want to work with. I want to continue growing The Local Loved Club to spread our message of anti-bullying, love, kindness, and making great clothes. I want to continue to use my platform for positivity, because to me it’s never just been about clothes. In terms of personal growth, the word growth is the answer…continuing to do the work, continuing to grow, continuing to be as loving as I can be. Through my trials and tribulations over the past years, I truly believe that everything happens as it’s supposed to, so I continue to remind myself of that and be present in both my professional and personal life.



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How did you and Megan Fox start working together and what’s your working relationship like?
I first met Megan through MGK. She mentioned that she was overwhelmed with fashion and that she hadn’t been in the spotlight in a while. We cleaned out her closet and really just started from the ground up. She really respects me and trusts me, as I do her, which is huge when it comes to successful client/stylist relationships. At the beginning, she was open to trying anything. We really played around with her style and what she liked/felt the most comfortable in and all her looks were really well received. Working together for the last two years, I have a true understanding of how she wants to represent herself and from there it’s all about building and bringing her vision to life.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Mugler and Bottega Venetta.

What do you want your legacy to be?
The legacy I want to leave behind is really getting to be a part of people’s lives in these moments of transformation and expression. I have been so blessed to find my clients at pivotal moments in their life and I get to help them express themselves. It’s all about just showing up for them in the way that they need me to. I just want to be known as someone who learned a lot, grew a lot, and lead with love, kindness and acceptance.

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