Luca Schnetzler Funds Chirpish to Give Online Businesses a Scalable US-based Customer Support Solution

by Amir Bakian

Angel investment firms are recognizing and rewarding innovative ideas of new startups. The recently launched Netz Capital is aiming to be one of the leading angel investment firms. Launched by the German professional footballer, Luca Schnetzler, the firm has been focused on investing in early-stage tech startups that show promising signs of growth. Recently Netz Capital made an angel investment in Chirpish, a customer support-as-a-service company helping online brands expand and grow. The company provides on-demand customer service agents for all kinds of customer relation services including support over the phone, live chat, email support, and social media support.

Customer support and service matter a lot in a competitive business landscape. After all, the best marketing for a brand is its happy customers who will gladly recommend its services to others. Chirpish offers round-the-clock customer support service to help businesses build and maintain a good relationship with their customers. The company offers flexible plans for clients to choose from depending on the size of its customer base. The process has been simplified and in three easy steps, the client can choose a plan, connect their online store, and automate customer support queries.

With the ever-increasing number of startups in the U.S, there is a constant demand for superior customer support service to handle tickets, chats, and queries over the phone. Not every startup can afford a team of skilled in-house customer service representatives. This is where the expertise of companies like Chirpish helps streamline customer support processes. The on-demand customer service support offered by Chirpish makes it a preferred way for companies to add more customer service representatives during peak sale times when there are a lot of customer calls and queries. After analyzing the potential of the company, Netz Capital has decided to be an angel investor in Chirpish.

Other than Chirpish, Netz Capital has also invested in other tech startups like Social SnowBall which is an affiliate marketing app, and Steam Commerce which is an end-to-end e-commerce solution provider for businesses.

The angel investment firm has also explored other avenues such as direct-to-consumer brands for huge returns on investment. The prime benefit of investing in direct-to-consumer brands is that the profit margin is not shared at various levels. As the product reaches the consumer directly, the manufacturer has complete control over its pricing and positioning in the market. One such brand is Vibe in which Netz Capital has made an angel investment. Vibe is emerging as one of the highly-recognized brands in the personal care products space.

Angel investments, like other investments, have their drawbacks. If the startup fails to scale and crashes, then invested funds have to be written off as a loss. However, with in-depth market research and deep analysis, such risks can be minimized.  Netz Capital has made big investments in startups that it believes have the potential for huge positive growth in the future. By relying on its deep and intelligent analysis of different businesses, the investment firm is looking to become one of the most recognized angel investment firms in the near future.

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