Louis Vuitton Spring 2015

by Alexandra Ilyashov

For Nicolas Ghesquière’s sophomore collection for Vuitton, shown at the gorgeous new Frank Gehry-designed Fondation Louis Vuitton (far ahead of its October 27th public opening date) the designer turned out a sharp collection rife with exceptionally sophisticated and intricately worked exercises in leatherwork, mingling with crisp, dark denim, pitch-perfect blazers, velvet separates, and new riffs on sequins. More on those hides, which took shape in two different iterations: shiny stripes, often skewed on an angle, done in a navy/bordeaux combo, all black, or as thin strips of woven leather in white, noir, or a a dusty blue, with an incredibly delicate feel. Those flouncy frocks in crimson or a black-emerald combo, the latter detailed in white, were standouts as well. As for the velvet pieces,  some came in vintage-y patterns, with trou taking shape as slightly gaucho-like proportions, cropped, straight-legged, piped down the front seams, not too skinny. An interesting notion, non? An array of boots accompanying the looks, some resembling faded denim, others shiny and cranberry-hued, still others in patchwork-like patterns, should sell well, too.

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