Louis Vuitton Reveals Plans To Hike Up Prices On Handbags

by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) In the shadows of Marc Jacobs’ departure from luxury maison Louis Vuitton, the French brand has decided to turn their focus towards even pricier leather handbags. Pourquoi the big change? Vuitton’s revenues were just shy of expectations, an unfortunate event which was reflected by the drop in LVMH shares. This is also in addition to an uptick in prices on raw materials, as mentioned by the brand’s CFO, Jean-Jacque Guiony, which will make the construction of purses more costly.

Case in point, the latest W and Capucines purses will ring up at $3,380 and $4,730, respectively. These price changes won’t be for the short term; expect them to remain and perhaps build as the brand restructures its outlook and exclusivity cache. Steeper prices aside, one Vuitton quandary has us all guessing: will Nicolas Ghesquière indeed fill the void left by Jacob’s departure? 

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