10 Top Trends From the Spring 2019 London Fashion Week Collections

by Aria Darcella
London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week is all wrapped up and after taking a moment to process the wildly different collections, here are some of the top trends you definitely need to be aware of. Given the fact that this is London — the city that birthed punk, Alexander McQueen, and Kate Moss — don’t expect jeans and t-shirts to be anywhere on this list.

1. Animal Prints
It’s a menagerie out there.

2. Cape Dresses
My summer ’19 beach body is ready to go.

3. Capital “F” Florals
Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking — florals for spring, groundbreaking. But seriously, Miranda, look at these bold prints!

4. Tea-Length Hemlines 
The skirt version of capri pants, but chic! (Because, just to be clear, capri pants are the absolute worst.)

5. Dangling Embellishments 
Who doesn’t want a little extra motion with every step?

6. Deep Vs 
Not exactly bra-friendly, but certainly sexy.

7. Negligée 
Some lingerie is too pretty to be hidden under other clothes.

8. Veils 
Like a gauzy Snapchat filter, but IRL.

9. Macrame
For that high-fashion DIY look.

10. Faces
Keep it creepy, y’all!

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