Liven Up Your Personal Space with Elitist’s Inspirational Wall Art

by DN News Desk

Light Up Your Life with Accents from Elitist
Let’s be honest, we are in a global pandemic and scores of people are spending a lot more time inside. Since you’re seeing a lot more of your living space, why not spruce it up a bit? Enter Elitist, a unique company offering personalized “neon” signs and canvas wall art that can transform any space from drab to fab. This innovative company was founded in October of 2017, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA. Founder and CEO Mike Pashayan takes pride in creating products that inspire people to be their best selves through personalized expression. Elitist also teams up with influencers to produce truly unique products which capture a vibe that can be delivered to customers worldwide. If you’re stuck at home, you need a space that is inspirational rather than depressing. By offering motivational signs, Elitist strives to help people make their homes as uplifting as possible. Even better, these signs are available as LEDs, a much more practical and affordable option to traditional neon signs. The concept is simple: modern art that lets customers be the best versions of themselves.

Another décor option from Elitist is their canvas wall art. Choose between stunning painting-style hangings or combine multiple elements with glowing electronic text running through a canvas. With a wide selection of color schemes and motivational messages, Elitist has options to complement almost any taste or décor. You can go bold or subtle, the point is, you can choose a product that is reflective of your own individuality. At the same time, Elitist partners with influencers to create pieces that reflect the varying passions of these individuals. For example, the LianeV collection reflects some of the Instagram star’s most famous sayings which people can translate into their own lives. This innovative home décor brand is focused on offering products which are beautiful and meant to last through imagery inspired by modern culture.

It doesn’t matter if you are an artist, athlete, musician, or business mogul as Elitist products appeal to people from all walks of life. We are one human family looking for light in a very dark time. Thanks to Elitist, we have bright lights that come in bold colors and make impactful statements. If your living space needs a boost, give it a fresh new look with an inspirational piece from this vibrant company.

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