Live From Los Angeles! Sydney Chats With Skincare Guru Patricia Pao

by Sydney Sadick

At the famed Chateau Marmont, our L.A. correspondent Sydney Sadick chatted recently with Restorsea founder Patricia Pao, who celebrated her skincare line amid summer cocktails, and, of course, hors d’oeuvres! We learned all about the Chateau’s feline friends and the nearly magical qualities of a salmon…

Sydney Sadick: How did you get into the beauty biz?
Patricia Pao: I’ve been doing this for really my whole working life. When I graduated from Harvard, I knew I wanted to be in the beauty business, so I took a job with Avon and discovered Glycolic acid. I found I was always good at discovering and commercializing new technologies.

SS: What’s the back-story behind Restorsea skincare?
PP: I founded it in January 2012. I was hiking in Norway and came across a salmon hatchery—I noticed that the workers hands looked like they were 20, while their faces looked like they were 50! I figured out that their hands were constantly immersed in the hatching fluid of the salmon, which when applied to humans results in vibrant, radiant, and glowing skin! The products are available at Bergdorf Goodman.

SS: What made you host this summer soiree at Chateau Marmont?
PP: When I used to stay here, I became attached to their two cats. I wanted to adopt them, but they wouldn’t let me! So I always stay here so I can see the cats.

SS: Wait, seriously? Do you have any at home?
PP: Yes! I have cats in New York! But the cats here are very special—I mean they’re Chateau cats! They get to walk around the Chateau and be with celebrities, so they’re very well behaved.

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