Live From Los Angeles! A Sydney & Lauren Conrad Chat!

by The Daily Front Row

Our L.A. correspondent Sydney Sadick caught up with Cali native, author and designer Lauren Conrad at the launch of her final book in the “Fame Game” series, Infamous, at Barnes & Noble at The Grove.

S: Congrats on your latest book, Infamous! How does it feel to be reaching the final book in your series?
LC: Bittersweet! It’s so nice to feel like I’ve reached the finish line, but it’s a little sad to be done because I really do enjoy doing it. And when you finish a series, you’re also saying goodbye to the characters!

S: What are you most excited for us to see in this book?
LC: All of the romances…and I don’t think one is better than the other! There are several of them that go on at once. I always think those are the fun things to read about, because those are the books that I enjoy most. And there’s even a little scandal. Actually, there’s a lot of scandal.

S: Where were some of your favorite spots to write?
LC: When I can, it’s usually just at my apartment. I like to write in bed because I’m lazy, and if I can, then why not? If I’m on the road, it’s just wherever I am, usually airplanes. I try to block out time, but it tends to be kind of random!

S: Where have you gotten most of your inspiration?
LC: I think you write what you know. I’ve lived in L.A. long enough to soak it in. You both experience and hear a lot of crazy things in Hollywood, so there’s no lack of inspiration here.

S: I’m sure! By the way, adored your cover and spread in Marie Claire!
LC: Aw, thank you!

S: What did you have for lunch on set?
LC: We had chicken and rice…whatever was there!

S: Any summer plans?
LC: I’m honestly looking forward to trying to do nothing! 

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