Liv Tyler on Gilles Bensimon

by Dena Silver
Liv Tyler

More tidbits from our dishy walk down memory lane with the legendary Gilles Bensimonsome reminiscing with Liv Tyler and Bensimon about working together…

Liv Tyler on Gilles Bensimon:
“Gilles is one of my favorite photographers ever. I absolutely love the experience of shooting with him and admire and respect both him and his work tremendously. What he created with ELLE throughout the ’80s and ’90s was instantly iconic and I reference those images constantly. What an amazing moment in time!”

PLUS! Gilles Bensimon on Liv Tyler:
Oh, I loved this image. We found the little coin with the image of her dad [Steven Tyler] and asked her to pose like that. I like Liv a lot. I just saw her last year. She did really well, because you know it’s not easy being the daughter of someone so famous.”

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