Little LAMMA Is a Gift for Parents Who Hate Shopping

by Ashley Baker

Do you mass-order your kids’ entire wardrobe from a random catalog in a moment of desperation? And are you that parent who shows up at a three-year-old’s birthday party with a lame stuffed animal “wrapped” in a plastic bag from the toy store? Nina Tooley and Gigi Jack feel your pain, which is why they’ve launched Little LAMMA, a luxury children’s e-commerce destination that specializes in gorgeous clothes and toys for tots from ages 0 to 4. In addition to the clothes sold on the site, all of which are painstakingly sourced from brands like Catimini, Milkbarn, Petit Bateau, and Maileg, Little LAMMA offers a personalized concierge service that will make your gift-giving nightmares a thing of the past. Simply text, email, or call the LAMMA team, who will send over a curated selection of options at any budget. The gifts will then be mailed in (gorgeous) wrapping paper, which you can then pretend like you bought yourself. “We love this stuff, but we understand that not everyone does, so we want to make giving beautiful gifts and dressing your children is as easy as possible,” said Tooley, a onetime marketing executive and designer. So, to be clear, no need to worry about shopping for kid stuff ever again—simply send over your children’s ages, and watch reruns of Gilmore Girls until a complete back-to-school wardrobe arrives chez vous. “Don’t worry,” said Tooley with a laugh. “We can handle it.”

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