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(NEW YORK) Rather Than Admit Her Joy for Red Carpet Events, Zosia Mamet Discusses the Torture of The Step and Repeat [Elle]
It’s likely because she hates smiling for pictures, and having her picture taken in general.

Alexander Lewis is The Up-and-Coming British Designer To Know [Vogue UK]
And he plans to present his first full collection of colorful wares, starting in February.

Retailers Began Pulling Angora Products From Their Shelves Due to the Mistreatment of Rabbits [Telegraph]
You won’t find the fuzzy fabric at likes of Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and H&M boutiques.

Vivienne Westwood Has a tête-à-tête With Her Muse, Lily Cole [Dazed Digital]
The two icons talk about more than just clothes, delving into human rights topics.

What Boosts Sales at H&M? [Business of Fashion]
In November it was good weather, the calendar and Isabel Marant’s collection.

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