Links of The Daily

by Daniel Chivu

(NEW YORK) Blogging from Manila to Milan [WSJ]
“My mom would joke with me: ‘My God, Bryan, your life is a stream of 15 minutes.'”

Facebook Deal Offers Freedom From Scruntiny [Dealbook/NY Times]
Thanks to investment from Goldman Sachs and its clients, Mark Zuckerberg retains absolute control—and the company is spared from government regulation

Sarah’s Way [Vogue UK]
Burton on life after McQueen: “”I’m not going to wipe the slate clean. That would be wiping me away.”


p>Snooki Dictionary for Her Book, A Shore Thing [Daily Beast]
From “badonk” to “bacne,” all the vocab you need to know to make it through this must-read

Bryce Dallas Howard Springs Into Fashion With Kate Spade Ads [People StyleWatch]
At last, the brand teams up with a celebrity for the next ad campaign

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