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by The Daily Front Row

(NEW YORK) How Does Glenda Bailey Do It? [ New York Times]
The editrix of Harper’s Bazaar finds time to edit pages, attend shows and chat with designers each day during the four weeks of fashion month.

It Seems The Proper Way To Wear A Jacket Has Simply Been Forgotten [Lucky]
Here’s a hint: use your sleeves!

With All The Mules Being Shown On The Runway, Prepare Your Heels For Exposure [Styleite]
The obscure body part will be getting some loving soon, so prepare to embrace your feet.

Louis Vuitton Has A New It Bag And It Has Already Graced The Arms Of Countless Stars [Grazia]
Among those carrying the W PM are Catherine Deneuve, Sarah Jessica Parker and Uma Thurman.

Petit Bateau, Christian Lacroix And The Paris National Opera Are Participating In A Three Way Collaboration [Telegraph]

The collection will include four women’s styles and two children’s styles.

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