Lily McMenamy’s Animalistic Moves In KT Auleta’s Music Video

by Paige Reddinger

New York City is famous for being a zoo, and in Walter Martin of The Walkmen’s new music video, shot by KT Auleta, for his latest song “We Like The Zoo”, model du moment Lily McMenamy makes light of it by dancing through the streets amid the sea of people. The quirky, fun vid follows McMenamy as she listens to the song on her iPhone and dances wildly around Washington Square Park, Soho, and Midtown. Plenty of strangers on the street join McMenamy in her shimmy operative. We have to say, we’re impressed by the lanky model’s moves! Et vous? In an interview with the T mag about his new solo album, Martin revealed how the concept for the video came about: “KT is friends with my wife, and we were talking about this concept for a video she and Lily had,” said Martin. “I thought it was so funny I suggested she use my song for it. It’s bright, fun and spontaneous, and I loved how ‘New York’ it was. It follows the theme of the song—how people are animals, basically. The beast in us is just wild at heart.” If you’re over hearing Pharrell‘s ubiquitous “Happy” for the millionth time and need something else to lift your mid-week spirits, this should do the trick!

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