Life’s A Beach…With Lucky’s Alexis Bryan Morgan

by Dena Silver

Glossy editors, they’re just like us! The Daily Summer caught a moment with Lucky‘s Alexis Bryan Morgan to chat all things Hamptons related…

Where might we find you out East?
We go to the Maidstone Club, where I spent all my summers growing up. It’s bliss!

Do you miss the Hamptons of your youth?
Sometimes. It was a quiet beach town and I could ride my bike everywhere. Now there are so many cars!

What’s your least favorite place in the Hamptons?
Nightclubs! I go to the beach most days, cook swordfish at home, and go to bed early.

Do you actually go into the water?
Yes! It’s all about swimming in the ocean when the water is icy cold. I don’t feel rejuvenated if I don’t do it at least once a year.

Are you fond of steamy temps?
I’m from Houston, so the heat doesn’t bother me. People are like, “it’s so hot!” No, it’s really not.

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