Life Aquatic With Dree Hemingway

by Eddie Roche
Dree Hemmingway

Another nugget from The Daily Summer is our chat with Dree Hemingway to talk summer, Montauk, and camping!

Will you be out in the Hamptons this summer?
I’m always desperate for a beach situation. I consider the ocean to be healing.

What are your thoughts on Montauk?
I find it to be a complete sh*tshow now! But then again, I’ll always have a special love for it. It’s the only place where I can walk around barefoot, look a little ship-wrecked, and feel great about it.

Where’s your Montauk haunt?
I love The Dock. It’s a dive bar. They yell at you if you pull out a cell phone!

What were your childhood summers like?
I went to ballet camp, and river rafting camping trips. We’d set up camp everyday by the river and sing Kumbaya.

How adventurous!
I love the outdoors, but I do not enjoy hiking—it’s dangerous and treacherous. My mother hikes at a pace that’s abnormal; it’s like a mid-run, while I’m way behind her noticing how all the trees look the same.

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