LeSportsac Celebrates Summer with “The Knockoff” Author Lucy Sykes

by Kassidy Silva

On Saturday, we stopped by LeSportsac’s latest pop-up in Southampton to celebrate the new summer digs with The Knockoff author Lucy Sykes. Guests sipped on Owl’s Brew, rosé, and champers as they milled about the shop and listened to a reading from Syke’s latest novel. We snagged a moment with the bestselling author to get the dish on her favorite summer reads and if we’ll be seeing The Knockoff on the silver screen…

You’ve had a busy year!
It has been pretty unbelievable. Every time somebody comes in and says, like they did today, “I really liked your book,” it’s like “Really?” That never gets boring! I feel that it was at the right time with the tech and the digital and the print. It was very genuine and it was at the right time. I’ve been lucky.

What was your favorite book review?
Wow…there’s been quite a few! Jackie Collins said it was one of her favorite beach reads. It was her last review for Vanity Fair before she passed away, so that was pretty unbelievable.

Will we be seeing it on the big screen?
We’ve had some really interesting offers from LA and all of that. The one that I’m most excited about is Disney India. I’m excited for it to be a Bollywood musical! The professional women in India are getting very tech savvy and it’s the right time for them to do something. We’re working with their lawyers…you never know what will happen!

Do you have any other books in the works?
I’ve actually finished my next book…It’s about the wellness and fitness world.

What are your current beach reads?
I just finished We Could Be Beautiful by Swan Huntley. It’s unbelievable and really dark, like Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. I’m also reading The Girlsit’s about these young women in the late 1960s that get into a cult, a bit Manson-like. It’s brilliant. Those are my two favorites, for now!

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