How Leret Leret Are Reinventing The Cashmere Sweater

by Eddie Roche
Leret Leret

When’s the last time you put “fun” and “cashmere” into the same sentence? The New York-based knitwear brand Leret Leret has become the go-to cashmere sweater for fashion insiders looking to add a little extra something to their look with various knitted graphics. The brand was launched in 2019 by siblings Edouard and Andrea Leret. Here they tell The Daily how the brand got off the ground and what it’s like to work with a sibling. 

How did Leret Leret originate?
We were both in between projects, but we never really thought about working together. However, we have always bounced ideas to each other. So we started doing some research and after reaching out to different people, especially in Asia, and we got connected with Mongolia. We instantly realized the potential of knitting graphics into cashmere. It’s a unique way of expressing ourselves, while creating a sustainable product that will be passed on through generations.

What’s the working dynamic like between Andrea and Edouard?  
It varies, we’re both very different. But when it comes to designing, we connect so well. Andrea currently lives in Mexico City, so it’s harder to design together. We’re always designing on our own, and then we get together and decide what works for both of us. Some designs are all Andrea, some are just me, and a lot of them we work on together or give each other notes.

The designs are both chic and fun. Who designs them?
We both design them. And the designs are all limited edition. We only make a very small quantity of each design and once they’re sold out, that’s it. We never repeat a design or make more of them. We also number the sweaters instead of naming them, so that everyone can interpret something differently. There’s never going to be another No. 01!

Leret Leret Where are they made?
Our cashmere sweaters are both sourced and made in Mongolia. We are proud to work solely with Mongolia from start to finish with the best herders and the highest grade A cashmere quality. Most cashmere, even though it’s sourced in Mongolia, ends up being manufactured in countries like China, where most of the quality is lost by mixing other materials into it. Sure, it makes the price more attainable, but the sweater won’t last you that long.

Where are you sold in the US?
We are primarily a direct-to-consumer brand and sell through our website ( But we partner with very specific stores: usually small boutique-like stores that resonate with our artistic and gender-neutral drive. You can check out our stockist tab on our website.

Leret Leret You’re supporting The Loveland Foundation. Tell us about the organization and how you are helping them.
They are amazing! The work they do is so inspiring to us. The foundation was established by Rachel Cargle in 2018. They connect Black women and girls to mental health professionals across the country and provide financial assistance through the Therapy Fund. But they do so much more than that. Last year, in the midst of all the protests, we made a donation to The Loveland Foundation and encouraged our followers to do so as well. At the time, we were donating 25% of our sales to God’s Love We Deliver. So this year, we wanted to work closely with The Loveland Foundation. Our goal is to help different organizations every year. Hopefully, we can make a difference one day at a time.

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