Meet the Industry Veteran Breaking Out With Her Own Collection

by Ashley Baker
Laura Garcia

Industry vet Laura Garcia specializes in the kind of crowd-pleasing clothes that women always seem to be seeking. After a brief hiatus, she’s back with her own collection.

You’ve had a ton of experience in fashion but went on hiatus for a bit to raise your young children. What inspired you to launch a new collection?
It just felt like the right time. I had enough inspiration, and felt I had the right support to start my brand again.

Who have been some of your biggest supporters and sounding boards over the course of developing the Laura Garcia Collection?
My husband is my biggest supporter. However, I do have my go-to’s as far as inspiration and business. I have one friend who is an incredible artist and always offers the best advice on a design level. And then, on the business end, my angel investor is a great sounding board, as well.

Describe the aesthetic of your brand. How have your sensibilities evolved?
The aesthetic is feminine with an edge. This girl is sensual and ultra comfortable with her femininity and body, but she’s not necessarily too girly.

What were some of the best lessons you learned in your previous experiences in fashion that you implemented in the Laura Garcia Collection?
I learned to slow down and listen. By this, I mean listen to the customer. It’s important to always keep direct contact and hear what works so you can build on that.

Which pieces or styles have been your best sellers?
The Georgiana Dress is a best seller for us, along with the Feroline Dress.

Your price point is accessible for the contemporary market. How did you settle on that range?
We decided to have a price point that is accessible but doesn’t seem cheap. We wanted to use natural fibers, no polyester, and our price point is the lowest we could achieve with all of that.

Where are you producing the collection?
We produce everything in New York City.

Why did you initially pursue a direct-to-consumer approach?
It’s the best direct link to our customer, and it offers better margins.

You grew up between Brazil and the United States. How did those experiences impact your aesthetic?
It’s important to see other cultures and people all the time, to get out of New York and understand how people dress. I spend a lot of time in Miami, which for me is a window into South America as well. The girls tend to dress sexier and show more skin than in the north!

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