Lanvin Resort 2015

by Paige Reddinger

Yesterday Alber Elbaz presented his Resort collection for Lanvin to a slew of top editors at Milk Studios. This season the backdrop were three hanging canvas panels with “Lanvin” sewn in purple ribbon. It set the scene for a much more pared-down presentation than what we’re (reluctantly) becoming used to seeing at Resort, which is starting to become laden with all of the pomp and circumstance and production of fashion weeks proper. Elbaz was not one to mince his words when it came to this notion: “Pre-collections are hard. The time is very short, because we finish our show in March and before we finish we have to start the next one and it’s very complex,” Elbaz told The Daily. “Everything you have seen here today is only about 10 percent of what we have. There is so much more.” He also explained that when thinking about Resort, it’s less about intuition and much more about practicality, such as why something should be long or short and how you define categories like daywear.

That being said, the look of Lanvin for Resort was unkempt. Models with little to no makeup and messy hair came out in clothing that looked haphazardly flung on and if they didn’t look that way, then Elbaz made sure they did. The designer presented the collection in an old-school fashion, explaining each look as the model came out and even rearranging the styling to pull one side of a silk shirt out of a floor-length skirt to emphasize the disarray. “The whole idea with these presentations that we started 12 years ago was to have more dialogue with the press and the retailer. It wasn’t about the perfect moment,” said Elbaz. “It wasn’t about the best shoe that went with the best hair that went with the best bag. The whole idea of perfection isn’t really what fashion is about. Fashion is about life, and life is not always perfect.” That being said, none of the luxurious Lanvin romance was lost in this collection. Take the long flowing scarfs that adorned several of the looks, an emerald green lace gown that came cinched at the waist, a flirty pink party dress belted at the waist with a pink flower, or a long deep-v peach gown topped off with a black scarf held together at the neck by a red flower. It was all feminine ease with a suggestion that being too put-together is a thing of the past. The busy modern woman is no doubt rejoicing at the idea. And who better to represent the busy, fashionable modern power woman than Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo, who was perched front row? Fargo was presented an honor last night at FIT’s Annual Awards Gala by Elbaz, so we asked her at the presentation which Lanvin look she would be donning. “I’m wearing an emerald green one-shouldered gown that comes with that terrific ruffle on the shoulder. It’s a look I loved and we put it in our magazine,” said Fargo. “Now I’m feeling I should look more imperfect! I need Alber to style me and mess up my hair a bit.” The message is already catching on.

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