Lady Gaga Reveals All For Candy Magazine

by The Daily Front Row

Lady Gaga has worn everything, including but certainly not limited to: a dress comprised of fresh meat, a nun’s habit, full-on drag, a machine gun bra and, most recently, a giant triangular bird-like hairy headdress (how does one even describe this look?). So what could the queen of shock and awe possibly wear to top her wildest looks (or compete with Miley Cyrus‘ teddy bear/twerking combos)? Nothing, of course! Gaga revealed her nether regions on the cover of Candy Magazine, aka “the first transversal style magazine”. On the B&W cover, Gaga wears some Dali-esque makeup and is partially swathed in a coat to reveal her left breast, which is  covered by a Scorpion. As for the most salacious bit? There’s a full-frontal view below the waist line sans panties…sans Brazilian wax. Check out the NSFW photo here.

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