Lady Gaga Covers Glamour's Women Of The Year Issue

by The Daily Front Row

Lady Gaga takes on the cover of Glamour’s always eagerly anticipated Women of the Year issue and talks to Andy Cohen in a Q&A interview. Gaga opens up about those pesky comparisons to Madonna and takes the high road. “Truthfully, all of that stuff is nonsense,” she explains. “It did upset me when I saw a lot of young people fighting on the Internet [about it]. My desire is always to bring people together. I never care personally what people say about me. But is it inspiring a community to split down the center and go to war over who is the queen? The music, and the message—this will always be more important to me than people thinking I’m the best. And any sort of bantering about ‘am I going to have a career like hers?’—who’s to say I’m anything like her at all? Who’s to say that my ambitions are even the same as hers? Who’s to say I’m not an entirely different person? Because I am. You have to understand, I was a waitress five years ago.” 

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