Kristin Cavallari on Her Jewelry Line, Emerald Duv

by Sydney Sadick
Kristen Cavallari

You might know her from her days on MTV’s Laguna Beach or The Hills, but this Cali girl has made a name for herself in fashion and beyond. We caught up with Kristin Cavallari, who discusses her recently relaunched jewelry line Emerald Duv and what she has planned in the future. In the words of Katy Perry, California girls are unforgettable, non

How’ve you been?
I’ve been great! I just finished my book tour and I’m still coming off of that high. The kids are all doing well. Saylor is already 5 months and I feel like the weeks just fly by. I wish I could make time slow down.

What made you start Emerald Duv?
With Emerald Duv, fashion is affordable and attainable for everyone. We wanted everyone to be able to wear the latest trends without breaking the bank.

Why did you decide to relaunch it?
We decided to take Emerald Duv in a completely different direction. Now, it’s everyday dainty gold pieces, and before it was mostly boho. As with everything, the first couple collections are a learning experience, and we figured out what worked and what didn’t. Now we want to expand on that and move forward. Our quality has also greatly improved.

Did you ever think when you were on Laguna Beach and The Hills that designing would be in your future?
I always hoped so, but I didn’t know if it was a realistic goal or not.

With a book, your own jewelry line, and fashion collabs under your belt, how do you describe the Kristen Cavallari brand?
Style and fashion is accessible and affordable for everyone. I want everything I do to be attainable and easy. I just hope my shoe and jewelry lines continue to grow and that women feel great wearing my pieces. For me to get behind something, I have to truly love it and believe in it. Since I had kids, I only say yes to the things that I’m passionate about, so I hope that shows.

Which design process—shoes or jewelry—do you like more? [Ed note: Cavallari has a shoe collaboration with Chinese Laundry.]
I really enjoy them equally since the process is almost identical. However, since Emerald Duv is my company, I have much more control and say in every aspect of the brand. There’s more pressure I put on myself.

What inspired the Emerald Duv spring/summer collection?
Every collection has classic staples and a few trendy pieces; therefore, we pay attention to the trend forecast, the runway, and fashion magazines. For spring/summer chokers and ear jackets are big trends, so we have both of those. We also want the other pieces to be easily mixed and matched with the jewelry you already own, making the entire collection minimalistic and dainty.

Tell us about the design process.
I design everything with my friend and partner, Chelsea Bulte. I met her when I was 18 through my ex-boyfriend at the time. She was dating one of his friends and we instantly became close friends. I send her my detailed ideas/inspiration and from there, she sketches designs then we tweak and narrow them down.

What made you want to sell solely on your website?
Cutting out the middle-man allows us to offer better prices. It’s also easier because then everyone knows exactly where to find the collection.

What are some of the most meaningful pieces of jewelry you own?
Jay gave me a ring for Mother’s Day last year with 3 bands: 1 silver, 1 gold, 1 rose gold and he said they represent each of my boys (this was before Saylor was in the picture!) and obviously my engagement and wedding rings.

How do you describe your jewelry style?
Simple, minimalistic, and dainty. I love accessories because they can make or break an outfit.

Have you dressed your daughter in your designs yet?
Not yet. It’s not really practical to put jewelry on a little baby..besides a little bracelet maybe.

Do you plan to expand Emerald Duv into other categories?
Yes, we see the website eventually becoming lifestyle-focused. We want to do home goods, possibly purses…the sky’s the limit!

Favorite piece from the collection?
I love the Calabasas necklace because it’s a great layering piece, and the Santa Barbara necklace since is such a hot trend.

Jewelry style tip that you live by?
Less is more.

Any summer travel plans?
We’ll be in Nashville for most of it and are planning a trip with the kids as well.

What’s something you could see yourself tapping into in the future?
 I would love to do a cookbook! Hoping to get going soon.

Your book is called Balancing in Heels…what’s the key?
Don’t wear heels that are too big; don’t take on more than you can handle; learn how to say no.

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