Kola Tytler and Stefano Zeppieri, Founders Of Dropout Milano, Share Their Secret To Success

by Amir Bakian

To be successful in any business means investing time, effort, and money to grow a simple brand into a large entity that attracts buyers. These things are hard to accomplish when people don’t feel passionate about the kind of business they’re involved in. A majority of businesses were developed from popular demand instead of being direct fruits of some people’s passion. There’s one perfect example of a business that came into existence by its founders’ love for the products they sell. This company is called Dropout Milano, a business specializing in selling limited-edition sneakers, streetwear, and other similar products. The brand’s flagship store is located right in the heart of Milan, Italy. They also have an eCommerce store that’s drawing the attention of millions of people. Dropout was founded in 2018 by two young entrepreneurs, Kola Tytler, a practicing doctor, and Stefano Zeppieri, a software engineer. The dynamic duo met through forums on the internet that tackle ideas about sneakers and streetwear, an industry in which they share a common interest. In these forums, Kola and Stefano also met Andrea Canziani and Federico Pasquetti, who became their business partners. Kola, who is 27 years old, is currently taking his Master’s in business administration at the University of Birmingham, a premier school in public research. Before dominating the sneakers and streetwear market with Stefano, he was a medicine and surgery student at King’s College London. Kola is a son of Nigerian immigrants to Italy.

Collecting sneakers and streetwear is Stefano’s hobby. To support his passion, he does extensive research on finding the most precious items. He’s a software engineer and currently pursuing a master’s degree in computer science, but still has time for his business with Kola. When Stefano met the medic online, he knew they could work wonders in the sneakers and streetwear industry. During its three years in the market, Kola and Stefano turned Dropout Milano into one of the biggest online sellers of sneakers and streetwear. According to their records, the brand has been visited by more than two million people online and has almost 150 million social media impressions. Dropout’s website features a wide array of designs for sneakers and streetwear that cannot be seen in other eCommerce stores. To ascertain Dropout’s success in generating sales, Kola and Stefano launched a software called HypeAnalyzer. Through this platform, customers can compare their products with other brands, read guides on how to ensure the legitimacy of every item, and gain access to information on the newest releases. As an IT expert, Stefano oversees the operations of HypeAnalyzer and ensures that it’s equipped with the best technology for Dropout Milano. Dropout is slowly dominating the industry with dynamic pricing and advanced technology, and with Kola and Stefano at the helm. Kola and Stefano built Dropout and introduced HypeAnalyzer to make it one of the most influential brands in Italy. The pair faced varying circumstances that challenged their business. They have turned the company into a powerhouse through their perseverance.

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