Kim Kardashian Gets a New Business Partner, Reebok Makes Its Couture Debut

by Aria Darcella

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Kim Kardashian Partners With Nordstrom for Skims
When Kim Kardashian launched her shapewear line, Skims, in September 2019 the company was entirely direct-to-consumer. Now, five months later, she has her first retail partner: Nordstrom. “Nordstrom is renowned for its unmatched customer service and inclusive size offerings,” she said. “It was essential to me that we launch with the full range of sizes and shades that SKIMS has to offer, which is a value shared by Nordstrom.” Skims will be available through the retailer online and in 25 locations nationwide beginning February 5.

Kim Kardashian

(Skims, Vanessa Beecroft)

Reebok Debuts Collaboration With Margiela at Couture Show
The oversized sneaker trend has officially infiltrated the couture runways. Today, Maison Margiela revealed a collaboration with Reebok that is actually pretty cool. The Maison took Reebok’s Instapump Fury sneaker and added what is likely its best-known house code: the Tabi split toe. Honestly, this might be the most elegantly seamless crossover sneaker yet. It’s a marvel Margiela hasn’t done more Tabi-themed collaborations before.

Bouchra Jarrar Will Host Her Next Couture Show In Her Home (New York TImes)
Bouchra Jarrar shuttered her namesake couture label in 2016 in order to helm Lanvin. Unfortunately, only 16 months later, she was let go from the position. Now, after a few years going dark, the designer is finally returning to the world of couture, and has revived her house. However her outlook on producing fashion has changed considerably, specifically on the scale to which she was producing before. Jarrar’s latest collection will feature only 15 styles, all based on archival looks from her archive, and will be presented in her own home.

“I needed some time for myself, to have some distance and time to reflect. I was part of this system that was so fast, and produced so much, but gave no time to breathe,” she told the New York Times. “Maybe what I learned most now is I don’t have to function like that. I don’t have to speed up a collection just because an executive tells me to speed up. Now I can be very artisanal. This is the heart of my work, my world. I am putting all my savoir-faire on the line.”

Jarrar at Lanvin’s Spring 2017 show (IMAXtree)

Elaine Welteroth’s Memoire Is Coming to TV (The Hollywood Reporter)
Elaine Welteroth has inked a deal with Paramount Television Studios and Anonymous Content to turn her book, More Than Enough, into a TV series. Welteroth herself will be an executive producer. Congrats!

Elaine Welteroth (Getty Images)

Your Online Shopping Packages Might be Covered With Toxins (Fast Company)
You know all those boxes you get when you shop online? Well the ink on them — for the logos and packaging labels — is filled with chemicals and toxins. As a consumer there is no need to worry. You’re probably not dealing with enough boxes for this to be a significant issue for you. But it’s a different story for warehouse and mailroom workers who handle a high volume of said boxes. And their overall environmental impact is even greater, especially when they leak into groundwater.


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