Kim Kardashian’s Waist Has Literally Never Looked Smaller Than at the 2019 Met Gala

by Charles Manning

Kim Kardashian came to slay at the 2019 Met Gala! She arrived on the pink carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of art in a custom Thierry Mugler dress based on a look from the Mugler archives. The short-sleeved mini was covered in transparent sequins and dangly crystal embellishments that made it look as if it was dripping wet, as if Kardashian was walking around with her own personal rain cloud over her head.

Naturally, her hair matched the wet look of her dress, greased and curled so that it framed her face just so, with jet black beads woven into the ends, mirroring the crystal drops of condensation on the dress. Even her manicure incorporated tiny crystal droplets to complete the wet look.

(Getty Images)

But, of course, the real story here is that waist! Look how tiny that thing is. It is literally half the width of her hips. Maybe even a little less.

(Getty Images)

One can only assume that there is some serious corsetry at work here, although it is so well done that you can’t even see it. You just know it has to be there because, well, there just is no other option. It’s that or magic. I mean, I know she’s a fan of waist training, but that waist isn’t just trained it is whipped!

(Getty Images)

Good Lord, Kim! Good lawdy, lawdy, lord!

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