Kilian Hennessy Celebrates Three New Launches From By Kilian

by Paige Reddinger

Last night, luxury perfumer Kilian Hennessy held a chic shopping event at his By Kilian boutique in the meatpacking district to benefit the Division of Rheumatology at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Supermodel Anna Cleveland looked positively regal as she modeled By Kilian’s latest perfumed jewelry and clutches. In addition to By Kilian’s current offering, the event allowed guests to shop new items like the St. Louis crystal carafe with 650 ml of their uber popular fragrance Good Girl Gone Bad, the new scented jewelry collection called Attache-moi, and By Kilian’s latest collaboration with artist Sophie Matisse before it becomes available to the public.

Ahead of last night’s event, Hennessy also hosted a private lunch for clients with Matisse at La Grenouille just off of 5th Avenue to introduce the new collection. It’s not the first time Hennessy has tapped the great grand-daughter of famed painter Henri Matisse. “Sophie and I met seven years ago and we clicked instantly,” Hennessy told the elite VIP clients at La Grenouille. “At that time, we decided to collaborate, and I gave her 50 bottles, totally uncolored and un-lacquered. I told her to do whatever she wanted as long as each bottle was unique, numbered, and signed. She came up with 50 bottles each in colorful designs, but still there were only 50 for the world. So a few months ago, we decided to collaborate again. This time I wanted to have a little bit more of a democratic approach.” Expanding on that collaboration, the Sophie Matisse-designed bottles will be available to everyone in the brand’s three best-selling scents: Good Girl Gone Bad, Straight to Heaven, and Bamboo Harmony.

“I remember that rendezvous at the Four Seasons and I remember Kilian telling me he was going to give me 50 bottles and that the bottles would be naked and I could do what I want with them,” said Matisse. “There was a freedom to the whole idea. Those bottles from 2008 are wrapped with color. When we did the collaboration this time I really wanted to honor the carte blanche freedom that Kilian gave me and so that’s why they are about color, which is the language that I speak, needless to say.” And for those that are already regulars of By Kilian, the Good Girl Gone Bad and Straight to Haven scents feature a slight variation on the original for a fresh, light summer twist.


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