How Kendall Jenner Dealt With the Paparazzi Kerfuffle Outside the Longchamp Show

by Aria Darcella
Kendall Jenner at Longchamp

Perhaps due to its easily accessible outdoor venue — Hearst Plaza at Lincoln Center — the Longchamp show drew an extra large group of photographers waiting to snap photos of front row attendees like Kate Moss and Julianne Moore. The arrival of campaign star Kendall Jenner caused a particular stir, however, with a fight breaking out between photographers and security. After the show, she spoke to The Daily about how she has learned to handle stressful situations.

There was a kerfuffle amongst the photographers outside when you arrived.
I have major anxiety, so those things freak me out. I was sitting in the car… my heart was going crazy. I got really nervous. It’s alright, it all worked out.

Do you have any tips for dealing with crazy crowds like that? How do you calm yourself down?
I take a deep breath and zone out. For me, I need to have someone in front of me that I’m following and then I kind of just look at their feet and just go.

Kendall Jenner Lila Moss

Lila Moss and Kendall Jenner (BFA)

What did you read this summer?
I just finished The Four Agreements. It’s really good. It’s basically a book on life and how to live a happier, better, healthy life. And mentally to just be better. I recommend it for everyone. It helped me.

You’re in the new Longchamp campaign. How was that?
It’s cool when you get to come back to a brand that’s kind of like a family. It makes it a lot easier and natural almost.

Do you prefer watching fashion shows or walking in them?
I like both. They’re both completely different experiences. It’s cool to sit because it’s a different perspective and it’s a lot less hectic, so it’s fun. But today I won’t lie, I missed it a little bit. I kind of wanted to walk!

If there was any look that you could have rocked, which one would it have been?
There was a lot of really cool stuff. One of my favorites was this little purple striped top with brown shorts. It was really cute.

Longchamp Spring 2020 (Getty Images)

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