Keeps It Real

by Eddie Roche

An enlightening and memorable evening is bound to happen when you put Cynthia Rowley, Lucy Skyes Rellie, and Bradford Shellhammer together at a dinner party with other influencers at the top of their game. Such was the case last night when founder and CEO Scott Kurnit opened the doors to his swanky East Side New York apartment for a seated dinner that also included his team: co-founder MaryAnn Bekkedahl, plus Courtney Harwood, Dria Murphy, and influencers such as Joy Marcus, BaubleBar’s Amy Jain, Refinery29’s Justin Stefano,  Timo Weiland, and InStyle‘s Isabel Gonzalez-Whitaker for a lively and spirited chat on how they ended up where they are today. “Bringing the leaders of fashion, tech, and commerce together created one of the most interesting times I’ve had this year,” Kurnit told us. “The fundamental entrepreneurism in the room from such a diverse group was invigorating and fascinating. I had a ball and learned a ton.” Kurnit told us he’s leaving the fashion to his team, but the tech exec (he also founded, by the way) is having a ball with his new enterprise which has been called a Pinterest for shoppers and has the industry watching. Keep an eye out…

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