Tomboy KC’s Katie Cassidy And Lynsey Eaton Debut Optic Line, Sorella, In Vancouver

by Dena Silver

When it comes to accessories, the sky’s certainly the limit, as there’s no shortage of chic rings, sexy pumps, or sumptuous leather bags to indulge in. But what about accessories for your face? That’s where specs come into play. This weekend, we were introduced to the latest optic collab to hit the market: and the bloggers behind Tomboy KC swept your Daily off to Vancouver to unveil their latest project. Between exploring the city, celebrating with a chic din, and slipping on many pairs of specs, actress/blogger Katie Cassidy and her trusty BFF/partner-in-crime Lynsey Eaton gave us the lowdown on Sorella, which actually means ‘sister’ in Italian. The two certainly act like sisters: they finish each other’s sentences and continuously crack inside jokes. So, slip on a pair of frames and get to know the TKC girls…

Who’s the most iconic wearer of glasses?
Lynsey Eaton: Iris Apfel, with her giant round frames! She’s so amazing. There are not many people I would geek out over, but she’s one of them.

Do you two ever get confused as siblings?
Lynsey: I don’t think we ever get confused as sisters because I’m 5’2” and she’s an Amazon woman. No one would think we look like sisters, but we do behave like sisters.
Katie Cassidy: We fight like sisters, but I call Lynsey my Mama Bear. I live at her house when I’m not shooting in Vancouver.

Can you two share prescription glasses?
Katie: I didn’t actually need glasses a few years ago, but I became obsessed with them and I would pop the frames out. Now I need glasses to read. When you look at my phone, it’s actually embarrassing, because the text is so big.
Lynsey: I went to law school and at the end, they basically hand out frames and a prescription to everybody. But I also think that glasses are the perfect accessory.

What was your favorite part of the design process?
Lynsey: I liked collaborating and going back and forth with what our theme of the line was going to be. Not only regarding what it would look like, but also what we were going to name it. We wanted it to be something really important to us.
Katie: The vibe was really important to us as well, which is why we chose to make this collection about honoring women who are inspirational to us. Although we did include the Garrison, which is named after a guy. It’s definitely has more of a boyfriend shape, which made sense why it was named after a male.

Did the women that you named the styles after weigh in during the design process?
Lynsey: No! But we chose each style to fit their personalities. We also cleared it with them before we named each one; they were all really excited and flattered. There’s a pair named after Katie’s sister, which is a lot more exaggerated. My frames are designed after a pair I had when I was younger, which I lost!

Why did you choose to celebrate the launch in Vancouver?
Katie: When I don’t live in Dallas, I live in Vancouver. This is where I shoot Arrow, so that’s why everyone’s here. It’s a great city though! It’s beautiful and it’s young.
Lynsey: Even when it’s raining…
Katie: …Which it does often! But it’s still a beautiful city and I love it.

Have you gotten any fashion inspiration from being here?
Katie: I feel like the city actually inspires me to bring fashion here. The fashion in Vancouver…
Lynsey: It’s a growing market, and it’s becoming more important. You’ll see people that really don’t care and then you’ll see someone who looks like they belong on the streets of New York City. It’s a mix of the two.
Katie: I definitely agree. Sometimes people look at me and they seem confused because we’re in Vancouver. Not everyone here is used to people being stylish!

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