Kate Moss Morsels: The Birthday Edition!

by The Daily Front Row

It’s difficult to believe Kate Moss is one year shy of 40 as of today, since the mod doesn’t look a day over 25. Long gone are her hard partying days; instead, Moss seems to be all about lowkey fun with her nearest and dearest. Maturing much? The supe rang in her 39th with a casual trip to the Red Lion and Sun pub in Highgate Village with husband Jamie Hince. In honor of the woman who’s been making us swoon since 1974 (or, well, not too long after that), here’s an extra-special, birthday apropos dose of Kate! 

1. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers including British Vogue 32 times and W 17 times.

2. Moss released her own picture book entitled Kate: The Kate Moss Story.

  1. A $2.8 million gold statue was made of Moss in 2008 as part of a British Museum exhibition.

  2. She has a lower back tattoo depicting two swallows inked by Brit painter Lucian Freud.

  3. Hince proposed to Moss while in bed with a vintage ring from the twenties. 

6. Sadie Frost is the godmother of Kate’s daughter, Lila. 

7. Alongside her ex, Johnny Depp, Moss appeared on Oasis singles “Don’t Go Away,” “Fade Away,” and on the Be Here Now album. Her instrument of choice? The tambourine.

  1. She has designed collections for both Topshop and Longchamp.

  2. In 2002, a pregnant Moss teamed up with Freud for a nude portrait, symbolic of Madonna (think religious significance, not the conical bra-wearing Madge, darlings). The painting eventually sold at auction for approximately $6.2 million.

  3. She seduced husband Jamie Hince to give up veganism after 20 years. How? Just some bacon and her undies. 

  4. She has never appeared on Oprah. Shocking!

  5. In 2005, she won the Vogue/CFDA award from the Fashion Designers of America for Fashion Inspiration.

  6. At 21 years old, she won the Vogue/VH1 Model of the Year Award.

  7. According to Vogue UK, in 2010 she allegedly hired an exorcist to rid her London home of “evil spirits”. 

  8. Moss performed with Naomi Campbell in the closing ceremony for the 2012 Olympic Games.

Can’t get enough of Kate? Click through the gallery for 39 photos of the icon’s life and style…

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