Kate Moss Gets Beauty Advice From Her 16-Year-Old Daughter

by Aria Darcella
Kate Moss

Kate Moss seems to have style ingrained into her DNA. It’s no wonder so many people consider her an icon. But when it comes to beauty, Moss’ look — which leans towards au natural — seems unattainable. She’s hoping to change that perception through her new gig as creative director and campaign star for the beauty brand Decorté. It turns out she actually has some pretty amazing advice: relax.

“You don’t want to be a slave to beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I love beauty products more than ever—as you get older, you have more to hide—but I’m not obsessed,” she admitted in a new profile in Harper’s Bazaar. “Even when I’m going out, I still find it hard to wear false eyelashes and stuff. Sometimes [makeup artist] Pat McGrath will be like, ‘Come on, darling, let’s put a lash on you,’ but I would never put one on myself.”

(Harper’s Bazaar)

That being said, there are some ticks and tricks that elude the legend. Luckily, her 16-year-old daughter Lila is there to help.

“She teaches me everything,” Moss said. “Lila and her friends follow all the beauty blogs and Instagram accounts, and she’ll be like, ‘Mum, you have to try this, it’s amazing what they can do now.’ She does all that contouring and stuff, which I’m sure they do to me when I’m at work, but I never pay any attention. I’m too busy talking.”

(Harper’s Bazaar)

We can’t imagine Moss being trendy rather than being herself. But if there is anyone who might have great advice for her, it would be Lila. Not only does the teen know her mother better than anyone else, she recently landed a Marc Jacobs Beauty campaign. Those Moss women sure know how to give good face!

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