Kate Hudson Dishes to Jimmy Choo About Her Earliest Fashion Memory

by Paige Reddinger


Kate Hudson got together with Jimmy Choo to pick out her favorite styles from Fall/Winter 2015 and gab about style and her earliest fashion memories. Hudson, fortunately, had plenty of experiences with luxury while growing up with mom, Goldie Hawn, but her earliest fashion memory is of a Bob Mackie dress. “I was a little girl and I went with my mom to a fitting with Bob Mackie for a special she was working on. She was in his studio and there was fabric and sequins everywhere,” Hudson told Choo World, the brand’s online editorial platform. “I was in awe; it was like being in a little fashion dream! I remember he made me a package of little sequin bow pins, in all different colors. There were about 10 in the package he made me, and it was a moment I will never forget because I was so excited.” It’s no wonder that Hudson lists Cher, a Bob Mackie favorite, as one of her style icons. She also names Julie Christie and Anita Pallenberg as style inspirations.

Hudson is a style icon herself and is usually flawless on any given red carpet. So what are Kate’s favorite pairs of Choos from the collection? “I think my favorite look was the pink velvet ballet heels with the big skirt we shot in the window,” said Hudson. “The whole look had a vintage Oscar de la Renta vibe to it; it was so ethereal and relaxed. Those shoes are beautiful and the color of the shoes made the black dress feel so special.” However, Hudson’s first pair of heels were a pair of bright red pumps given to her by her mother. “I must have been 12, and it was graduation. My mom didn’t let me wear heels back then, but I used to go in her closet and try hers on, of course,” Hudson told Choo World. “I wore a sundress that had a big skirt and it was white with little cherries on it. My mom bought me my first pair of high heels that day; they must have only been an inch or so. They were bright red and she gave them to me all wrapped up. I was so happy!” The right pair of heels do have the ability to brighten one’s day, non? Head over to Choo World to check out more of Hudson’s interview on style.

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