Editor’s Pick: Kassatex Linen Bamboo Sheet Set

by Freya Drohan

What: Lightweight and airy Kassatex linen bamboo sheets—because you should always invest in your bed and your shoes, as you’ll either be in one or the other—which will guarantee blissful sleep and sweet dreams.

Who: Manhattan-based Kassatex know exactly how to elevate just about every daily ritual. With their offerings for bed, bath, and beach, every experience quickly becomes that little bit more special and luxe.

Kassatex (Courtesy)

Why: This environmentally-friendly, naturally antimicrobial sheet set is made from a blend of flax seed derived linen and rayon from bamboo, meaning they’re simultaneously breathable and as cozy as a cloud.

The set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases, ensuring you’ve everything you need. And as I personally like to feel like I live in a suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, I opt for the Powder Pink hue.

If you need me, I’ll be busy hitting snooze for the foreseeable….

Where: Kassatex.com

How Much: $120 (our special readers get 20% off with code Daily20, through 8/31)

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